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Installing Internet Information Services for Windows XP (Home and Professional)
     Installing packages DBI and DBD-MySQL

Tools required to install packages DBI and DBD-MySQL

Note that items in bold italic are to be typed exactly as they are presented in the tutorial, then followed by the Enter key.

  1. Installing Internet Information Services
  2. Configuring Internet Information Services
    1. Accessing the IIS Snap-In
    2. Welcome to the IIS Snap-In
  3. Installing ActiveState PERL
    1. Installing package DBI and DBD-MySQL
Accessing the Windows Command Prompt
1.) Open the Windows command prompt by clicking

Start->All Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt

or by

Start-> Run -> cmd

Double checking the Perl command path parameter and the Perl binaries
2.) If you followed the previous tutorial then Perl and it's other executable libraries should be in your command path and execute without changing to the Perl directory. To tell if the Perl binaries are in your command path type:

perl -v

Perl should return the version of Perl that you installed. If you receive the Windows error message in the command prompt, ('perl' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program of batch file), then the Perl binaries/executables are not in your command path. You may not have installed Perl properly or you need to reboot your system. If rebooting your system does not remedy your problem try uninstalling/reinstalling Perl. If you decided to not have the Perl binaries as part of you command path or cannot get the perl binaries to execute in your command path then you will need to append the following to all commands issued: c:\perl\bin

If the Perl binaries/executables are not in your command path then you need to change to Perl's binary directory by typing in the (cmd) command prompt:

cd c:\perl\bin

Using PPM The Perl Package Manager
3.) To access PPM, type at a command prompt or in your currently opened prompt:


Special note for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or users with a third party firewall: Make sure that you unblock ppm if Windows asks you if you want to block, unblock or ask later. If you are using zonealarm or any other firewall software, allow ppm to exit your firewall to access the internet to download the following packages.

4.) Type the following command to install package DBI.

install DBI

5.) Type the following command to install package DBD-MySQL

install DBD-MYSQL

6.) Type quit or exit to exit the Perl Package Manager. Type exit to exit the Windows Command Prompt.

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