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  Welcome to AOI :CMS:
AOI Content Management System, also referred to AOI :CMS:, is a PERL based Content Management System. The purpose of AOI :CMS: is to offer features available in other popular content management systems such as Postnuke and Drupal while offering easy theme creation through normal HMTL that most web designers are familiar with.

Themes describe the look and feel of most content management systems. Unlike other content management systems, AOI :CMS: strives to offer easy theme creation and modification. All themes are constructed using plain HTML files with no confusing PHP or PERL code needed for the theme to work properly.

  • Single Instance User Authentication
    • All security for all modules, plug-ins and all other features are set through a single set of users, passwords and credentials
  • Support for Multi-Instance modules
    • All modules can access multiple sets of data and settings for a unique appearance and purpose. Examples:
      • Multiple Navigation Instances
      • Multiple Stories/Articles Instances
      • Multiple Hit Counters with different digits and values
  • Multiple "Database" types supported
    • Database support offered through MySQL (Offered in Beta 1)
    • Database support offered through plain text files for websites without a MySQL server. (Not available in Beta 1)
  • Open Source
    • AOI :CMS: is solely offered under the GNU General Public License. A copy of the GPL is available with the distribution of this software package.
    • AOI :CMS: is developed on
  • Premium Themes Included
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