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  AOI :CMS: - Tag Reference
Tag Reference Introduction
The following are special tags that may be included in AOI :CMS: theme pages. Simply include the special tags in your template documents and AOI :CMS: will substitute the appropriate value.

All AOI :CMS: tags, unlike HTML, are written only once with no closing statement. AOI :CMS: tags use the percent sign around the special words that AOI :CMS: will parse/read the HTML template for. Please refer to Creating Themes for a bare bones skeleton or copy an existing theme and modify it to your requirements.

Note that you may place AOI :CMS: tags anywhere and as many times in your AOI :CMS: theme as you'd like, however, it may be redundant to place certain tags more than once in a template.

Theme Skeleton Tags - Regions
The following tags form the structure of AOI :CMS: web pages in regions. If a certain section of your web site is missing, double check that you typed the appropriate skeleton tag first. Regions allow AOI :CMS: to seperate all of the various instances that will appear on your website into their appropriate location. The location of the region tags are extremely important and completely affect the appearance, location and functionality of AOI :CMS: web sites. Region tags should only be placed once into any theme. The default installation of AOI :CMS: comes with five different regions: %left%, %center%, %right%, %header%, %footer%. It is possible to further extend AOI :CMS: to use more regions other than the ones provided by the default installation. To add another region, add the html_region_name, html_region_parse_tag, html_region_status, html_region_flags and the html_region_description into the MySQL table $table_prefixhtml_regions. This can be done directly using phpMyAdmin, mysql client or the AOI :CMS: region manager.

DO NOT FORGET TO PLACE REGION TAGS INTO YOUR THEME OR YOUR AOI :CMS: WEB SITE WILL NOT WORK AFTER LOADING YOUR THEME!!! If you forget to place region tags into your theme, don't panic, simply open the template file for the target theme and type them into the themename/index.html where you want the region to appear.

ALPHA ALERT! - During this alpha release, themes without region tags will miss important HTML information that AOI :CMS: products and will cause AOI :CMS: to completely lock the user out of the program if a CORE region tag is overlooked. AOI :CMS: will not display login boxes or the center of the web page with other administration/informative data without the following tags unless redefined.

Required Region Tags

  • %left% - Displays the left side of the dynamic AOI :CMS: content. This tag is required. AOI :CMS: will cease to function without a %left% tag in the themename/index.html.
  • %center% - Displays the center of the dynamic AOI :CMS: content. This tag is required. AOI :CMS: will cease to function without a %center% tag in themename/index.html.

Optional Region Tags

  • %right% - Displays the right side of the dynamic AOI :CMS: content.
  • %header% - Displays the header of the dynamic AOI :CMS: content.
  • %footer% - Displays the footer of the dynamic AOI :CMS: content.

Time, Date, Year Tags

  • %year% - Displays the current year of the server. Example: 2004

  • %week_day% - Displays the current server day of the week: Sunday - Saturday.

  • %month% - Displays the current server month.

  • %day% - Displays the numerical day. EG: Day number: 1 - 30

  • %hour% - Displays the current server hour.

  • %minute% - Displays the current server minute.

  • %second% - Displays the current server second.

To form a "normal" server date display in english, the following format is usually used:
%week_day%, %month% %day%, %year%
Which may display a date like: Friday, September 03, 2004. Note that I used spaces and added commas to produce the date result that I wanted. AOI :CMS: does not add any commas or spaces to dates called using the above tags.

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