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  AOI :CMS: - Creating Themes
The "look and feel" of AOI :CMS: is controlled by HTML files called themes or templates. The main focus of AOI :CMS: is easy creation of themes for the web pages that will be generated by the CGI programs. This central key feature of easy theme creation is what uniquely separates AOI :CMS: from other content management systems available elsewhere.

Theme Directory Layout
All themes for AOI :CMS: are placed in the themes folder in the "normal" web site directory. Please refer to installing AOI :CMS: if you are not sure of which directory the themes folder is located.

The following is an illustrated layout of all themes for AOI :CMS:. The directory layout is very simple and is similar to most normal static directory layouts. All HTML files are located in one directory, named with the theme's name, and all images are located inside an images folder.

Dir Minus this_theme_name
Directory Closed images
IE Icon(Win32) index.html
IE Icon(Win32) box1.html
Text Icon theme.txt
The key to theme directory success is lowercase file and directory names with no spaces.

The following is an illustrated layout of a theme named "cooldesign".

Dir Minus cooldesign <- name of your theme
Directory Closed images <- place all of your theme's images here
IE Icon(Win32) index.html <- main theme layout (required)
IE Icon(Win32) box1.html <- main content box (required)
Text Icon theme.txt <- theme information file (required)

Please notice that all files and directories have NO spaces. All theme directory names and file names MUST be all lowercase.

File names may not contain the following characters:

Character English Name or Postscript name
/ Slash or solidus
\ Backslash or reverse solidus
: Colon
* Asterick
? Question mark
" Quotation mark
< Less than
> Greater than
| Pipe
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