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Welcome to the Art of Infamy :Content Management System: home page. The following is a short summary of our goals, progress, non-progress, and remark/final version1 code.

There will be no further code releases until Beta 1 is released.


  • Easy Theme Management, Creation & Editing
  • Easy and immediate publishing of web content - no uploading using third party clients other than the web browser
  • Full compatibility with all XHTML 4.0 & CSS 2.0 compliant web browsers
  • Reliable database backed data retention using MySQL
  • Showing the PERL interpreter's muscles as best that we can.


Certified Server Software

The following Server Operating Systems have been certified to work with AOI :CMS:. The Server Operating Systems are specifically the targeted operating systems AOI :CMS: was developed upon and should work without problems... Hopefully.

  • FreeBSD 5 Current

  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Development Only Not Publically Deployed>

Date: 2004/12/06 21:03:01
Author: deimnos

The Quest For Continuity

Web Site Mastery Series - Going beyond HTML and other technical jargon to
address publishing and design problems that affect the seasoned web author.

Paper Clips in a Circle - Representing ContinuityMain
Entry: con·ti·nu·i·ty

Pronunciation: "kän-t&n-'ü-&-tE, -'yü-

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural -ties

1 a : uninterrupted connection, succession, or union b :
uninterrupted duration or continuation especially without essential change

I believe that one of the biggest challenges for most web designers is
continuity. The main problems are:

Web Site Appearance

Web Site Appearance can be a big deal for web authors who take care of more
than two web sites. Usually the case web authors maintain dozens of sites. This
can be an arduous task for someone single handedly, yet we do it anyways.
Problems that occur with web site appearance include:

  • Broken Images

  • Broken Links

  • Malfunctioning Server Sided Includes

  • Bad PHP/PERL Scripts

Many of the web site appearance problems can be solved with many techniques
already available on the internet. The use of Content Management Systems have
been increasing in popularity rapidly and many new solutions are being made
available at an astonishing rate. However the rate of availability of reliable
Content Management Systems present themselves there is always some sort of
difficulty, learning curve or other problem that further complicates the
publishing process.

Web Site Publishing and Maintenance

Web Site Publishing and Maintenance is the second area that most web authors
have the most difficulty. Publishing a web site once is a large feat in itself
nowadays and maintaining them is even bigger. Constant maintenance of a web site
is crucial to repeat and increased traffic to a web site. Repeat and increased
web site traffic is crucial because those factors are the life blood of a web
site. Why else would you make a web site? It simply makes no sense to make a web
site that nobody would visit. Please take note of the following web sites and my
reviews as to why they are successful web sites:

  • - IT
    News/WebLog/User Comments

    • Upside: is a weblog type of web site that is
      updated my many different authors who publish information from seemingly
      everywhere in the IT world. also offers user interaction,
      where it's members may post their comments on how they feel about a
      particular article posted.

    • Downside: Many web authors are needed to make a site like
      this successful. If this type of system is successful, it will require a
      significant amount of server resources that the casual web author does
      not have.

  • - Various News/Games/
    Interaction/Microsoft Directed

    • Upside: MSN is a controlled proprietary content management
      system made specifically for the use in publishing MSN and works
      extremely well. is also the default web page for most Windows
      users. This gives a gigantic advantage over everybody else's web

    • Downside: Nobody else has access to the content management
      system. Many web authors are required to publish unique content on a
      daily basis to achieve the effect of MSN. There are just days when I ask
      myself how I could accomplish the same things that MSN does on their web
      site and it simply is not possible for me alone.

Continuity plays a large part of both web sites. With their complex content
management systems and large staffs of people it is easy to see why the above
web sites are just so popular. However, anything that is possible by anybody
else I am sure that I can figure out how to do as well. There is always a way to
compete in the large world of web sites and having an awesome web site with a
large amount of valuable visitors is possible with the correct content
management system and a little help. The following are the ingredients that I am
proposing that may have the potential to leverage the good out of both web sites
and bring your new web site up to the surface.

  1. Step 1: Get some help. Never publish a web site alone. Find some friends
    that will work for free and assign them tasks that will get content into
    your web site.

  2. Step 2: Invest some time weighing the pros and cons of many various
    content management systems that best fit your needs. A large web site
    requires more than FrontPage/Dreamweaver and an FTP client.

  3. Step 3: Advertise on the internet. Add your web site's address to google!

  4. Step 3: Once your web site is published don't forget to advertise for
    your virtual advertisement. Advertise your web site in your local newspaper,
    magazines anywhere and everywhere that is not on the internet.

Date: 2004/11/21 17:03:13
Author: deimnos

Visio Documents Uploaded

The current in-progress Microsoft Visio documents have been uploaded to the site. Again, a lot of time was spent to further automate the process of updating the files that many web sites have the same data but in their appropriate themes... I need to get this project into it's final stages so that it can start running my sites.

Date: 2004/11/13 19:42:20
Author: deimnos

Tutorials Added

New tutorials for installing Internet Information Services to develop AOI :CMS:. The aim of these tutorials is to provide a rapid development platform. Security issues are covered briefly and do not intend for the CMS site created to go live on the Microsoft platform but rather the end target platform is Unix & Linux.

Date: 2004/10/23 17:19:24
Author: deimnos

Updated Docs & The Quest for Uniform Code

Updated documentation for AOI :CMS: has been released to The updated documentation includes some developer information on a very incomplete level.

There will be one new core module: library_loader.cgi. The library loader will extend AOI :CMS: to allow developers to simply add their library path and init routine information to the database instead of having the user edit text files. It will hopefully cut down on the amount of code generated by hand and thus cut down on the amount of debugging as well.

Date: 2004/10/04 20:30:17
Author: deimnos Logo
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Help Wanted

  • Language Translators for Website & CGI Packages
  • Concurrent Version System Administrator/Submitter

Inqueries E-mail: deimnos at

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